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Start of 148th Fighter Group (9.17.1948)P-51D 515052 #26, MG Wayne Gatlin collectionF-51 511565 nsn#4, MG Wayne Gatlin collectionF-94Bs on ramp, 1956 nsn#24, MG Wayne Gatlin collectionF-89 0-32607 dupe nov66 nsn29, MG Wayne Gatlin collectionF-102A 0-61489 Oct 1967 #16,  MG Wayne Gatlin collectionF-101 80275 Feb 1974 #22,  MG Wayne Gatlin collectionRF-4C 64-061 Sept 1980 #28,  MG Wayne Gatlin collectionF-4D 66-635 over Split Rock Lt House, Aug 1984 #9, MG Wayne F-16A Fighting Falcon-148th-DuluthF-16C Fighting Falcon-148th-Duluth.jpg148th_Fighter_Wing emblemDYK (148th Fighter Group)

148th Fighter Wing - MN ANG

In September 1948, at the Duluth International Airport, 50 men were mustered in to what was then called the 179th Fighter Squadron. The Squadron was under the control of the 133rd Fighter Wing in Minneapolis until 1960 when the 148th Fighter Group was formed.

It began with a small space in the Duluth Armory. Today the 148th Fighter Wing has over 50 buildings on a 400-acre site adjacent to a 10,000 foot runway at the Duluth International Airport. A full history of the unit including deployments and aircraft are available on their website at:  History (af.mil)

With the closing of the active duty Duluth Air Force Base in 1983, the Fighter Wing became the largest military installation in the area. It now has over 1,000 members, of which 300 are full time employees. It's mission is two-fold, serving federal and state purposes. The unit's federal mission is for air-to-ground combat and delivering guided and unguided bombs. In times of peace, its stated mission is to respond to state and local emergencies at the request of the governor.

The motto of this award-winning unit is "A Proud Tradition."

Home of the 148th Fighter WIng (af.mil)

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