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Captain's uniform

Gift of Cliff Ericksmoen

Accession Number 2004.11.1a,c,e

2004.11.1a-e (Captain's shirt, P.2).JPG

Flight Suit Pants

Accession Number 2004.6b

2004.6.6 (Flight suit pants, P.1).JPG

Mitchell, Wildey H. - Pants with Lacings

Gift of Wildey H. Mitchell

Accession Number 65.143.9

65.143.9 (WWI uniform pants, P.1).JPG

U. S. Marine Uniform Jacket

Gift of Mr. H. J. Tormoen

Accession Number 67.202

67.202 (Photo 1).JPG

Gould, Harold - Dedicated Service Plaque

Accession Number FIC VMH 020


Gould, Harold - Army Uniform Belt

Gift of Harold Gould

Accession Number 99.36.12


Gould, Harold - Uniform Cap

Gift of Harold Gould

Accession Number 99.36.11


Gould, Harold - "Old Dogs Never Die" Plaque

Gift of Harold Gould

Accession Number 99.36.9


Dark Green Helmet

Accession Number FIC VMH 021

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